P320 AXG (Aluminum X Grip) Pistol Stands


Coyote stands with olive drab stripe and graphics.


  • Choose between either the magazine mount stand or barrel mount stand.
  • Magazine Mount Stand: Increased base pad area to accomidate grip modules that have magwells installed.

  • Barrel Mount stand: The post in the barrel mounted stand was upgraded as well. Because of the increaded weight such as theTXG and AXG grip modules a 4mm (previously 3mm) stainless steel rod is inserted inside to prevent the post from flexing or bending over time. A spare post is included in each kit. Simply slide the pistol barrel down onto the post. Perfect for nightstands or safes because magazine remains installed!

  • Attention to detail is at the forefront of research and development here. This is why Sig Guy stands are sold to be pistol specific. Magwell angles vary between different pistol models. For example the 320 and 226 have different magwell angles. One stand will fit many different pistols but one stand will not fit all because of the different magwell angles and magwell widths. Sig Guy stands are designed so that the pistol slide is perfectly parallel to the s