DELUXE D.A.R.K - Disassembly And Reassembly Kit


I always get asked where I got the pick, punch or other tools I use in my videos. Well here is a kit I put together with everything I use to easily and quickly disassemble and reasssembly my SIG Sauer pistols. This deluxe kit combines everything from the 365, 320 and classic series pistol tool kits into one deluxe kit. Save when buying this kit if you want all the tools offered in the other 3 kits. 


Whats included:

  • 365 reciever pin removal tool
  • 45 degree pick to easily remove/install the trigger bar spring
  • 365 safety lever pivot pin removal/install tool
  • 365 sear pivot pin removal/install tool
  • 365 trigger pivot pin removal punch
  • Punch to propery re-align 365 sear spring when reassembling
  • 320 Slide catch lever pin removal
  • 320 Trigger stop pin removal
  • 320 takedown safety lever (spring) removal/install 
  • 320 safety lever removal/alignment/install
  • 320 sear pivot pin removal/alignment/install
  • 22X trigger pivot pin removal/install
  • 22X safety lever removal/alignment/install
  • 22X ejector, sear, sear spring and safety lever pin alignment
  • 22X sear spring removal/install
  • Easily switch out parts without having to completely disassemble.


Other individual kits also available:



DELUXE D.A.R.K - Disassembly And Reassembly Kit