Pin Alignment Kit


This kit includes 2 different size punches used for the disassembly and reassembly of many SIG Sauer pistols. Choose the DELUXE Pin Alignment Kit HERE and get the 365 pin removal tool 50% off! Eleven different colors to choose from! Works on P365, P320 as well as classic P series pistols. If you need a pin removal tool for the trigger stop pin in the P320 the 365 pin removal tool work perfectly as it is slightly smaller (2.5mm). All pin tools have a slightly rounded tip to help prevent scratching grip modules.Used for alignment of hammers, sears, sear springs, safety levers and many other parts so pins can be EASILY removed and reinstalled. Here is a video demonstration. Tools in video are older style. Newer style sold now as shown in pics. Punches are 3D printed and are very durable. Not intended to be used with a hammer or any other tools. Hand tool only. US only.

Pin Alignment Kit

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