SIG Sauer P210 PLUS1 Base Pad by Armory Craft by Armory Craft


TWO versions are available:

  1. For all 3 US-Made P210 Models (Target, Standard, Carry)

  2. For German and Swiss models with FRAME magazine release (will NOT work on Swiss P210 pistols with the heel magazine release)


  • This base pad will increase the capacity by 1 round. Works with Target as well as regular grips. These base pads look and fit great with all Armory Craft US- P210 grips.

  • Perfectly fitting base pads made out of solid aluminum billet and finished in durable hard anodizing. Fits only US-made Sig Sauer P210A models. Replace those cheap plastic base pads on your P210 Standard and increase your capacity at the same time!

SIG Sauer P210 PLUS-1 Base Pad by Armory Craft