SIG Sauer P239 P225A P245 & older P220 P226 "Slightly Curved" Adjustable Trigger by Armory Craft


Armory Craft is the FIRST and the ORIGINAL Manufacturer of Sig Sauer DA/SA Flat or "Slightly Curved" Adjustable Triggers for P-Series Sif Pistols that eliminmate pretravel as well as overtravel!


INDUSTRY FIRST - dual adjustable trigger for P239 P225A P245 and older P220 & P226.


This 'Sligly Curved' version of our original Flat ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER will fit these Sig Sauer DA/SA models:

  1. P239

  2. P225A

  3. P245

  4. P220 - older German/US. models with approx. 7mm wide trigger

  5. P226 - older German models with approx. 7mm wide trigger


  • A direct replacement to your stock trigger for a smmother, more consistent pull.

  • Practically eliminates pretravel in DA (no change in SA)

  • DA pretravel: 0.003" (0.076mm)

  • Practically eliminates overtravel DA/SA Overtravel: 0.005" (0.013mm)

  • Designed independently from SRT - will work in pistols w/ or w/o SRT

  • WITH SRT & properly adjusted: WORLD CLASS 0.065” reset (1.65mm)

  • Optimized *width*. Tighter & less ‘side-to-side’ wiggle vs. stock trigger.

  • Trigger surface with grooves.

  • Promotes better trigger discipline - i.e. more accuracy (especially during rapid fire, which cou