SIG Sauer P365 Compensator by Armory Craft - BLACK


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FOR ALL P365 models: 365, P365 XL, P365 SAS and P365X

  • 1/2x28 Threaded Barrels are required
  • Designed to work with Factory SIG or DPM guide rods only
  • CNC machined out of solid steel billet 
  • Lenght: 30.7mm (1.2")
  • Set screw and a wrench are included


The Armory Craft compensator for the P365 utilizes upward-facing tuned ports for redirecting the high-pressure gases of firing ignition. This creates a downward counter-force that pushes back against the muzzle’s tendency to flip up when shooting. By decreasing muzzle flip, the shooter can get the sights back on target quicker and follow-up shot hits more accurately.


Armory Craft compensators are designed to work with most factory loaded ammunition but will deliver the best results with a +P or NATO spec cartridges. Standard recoil spring will function properly with most ammunition, but some cases may require custom recoil spring tuning.



  • Durable Black Nitride


Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001/AS9100 & in accordance with the requirements of AS9104A.
Our manufacturing facility is also manufacturing products for Boeing, US Coast Guard, Lockheed, Honeywell and other major US companies.

SIG Sauer P365 Compensator by Armory Craft - BLACK

SKU: COMP-365-1228-45