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Armory Craft Wilson Combat "Style" P320 / P250 9mm 40 S&W PLUS-2 Base Pads


  • Will work work with factory SIG as well as Magpul P320 magazines.
  • Designed to work SPECIFICALLY with Wilson Combat grip modules.
  • Will work ONLY with Wilson Combat FULL & CARRY modules
  • Will work ONLY with 17 round magazines
  • Will NOT work with XCSB/XCST WC (X-Compact) grip modules and 15 round magazines
  • Not for the 21 round 9mm/18 round .40 factory mags
  • Adds +2 rounds of 9mm with the stock spring
  • M3 set screw included (you will need M1.5mm Allen Wrench)
  • Please note that the magazine retention plate is not to be used with these base pads.



 *** Will also work on restricted capacity magazines as long as they have 'regular metal rails' at the bottom AND the physical size is the same as 17rd magazine. However,  they will NOT work on restricted capacity magazines if they have the 'large plastic plug' at the bottom of the magazine. (Please see the last image in the Image Gallery above).


Made in the USA from high-strength and impact-resistant nylon polymer. Precision distortion-free additive manufacturing method assures perfect fit and alignment. This material's specific combination of mechanical strength and flex coefficient offer excellent breakage resistance in hard use. With that being said, we do NOT recommend for these base pads to be used for competition (i.e repetitive drops on a hard surface).

Armory Craft Wilson Combat "Style" P320 / P250 9mm 40 S&W PLUS-2 Base Pads