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 return policy 

All sales are final unless there is a manufacturing defect.

If that's the case then you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.




We do not accept products back because you do not need them anymore, you made a mistake or you changed your mind. It is your responsibility to ensure the products you are ordering for your firearm are correct before checking out. We used to accept returns but we were constantly mislead as items were installed, damaged or broken due to improper installation techniques (see pics at bottom of this page). We can not afford to operate like as we are a small veteran owned business and not a multi billion dollar corporation. It is your responsibility to make ABSOLUTELY sure all the items you are ordering are correct for YOUR firearm before checking out. All item descriptions on this website are taken directly from the manufacturers website at the time they were added. If you have any questions regarding fitment please contact the manufacturer directly as they are the ones that designed/developed the product and will have the correct answer to your questions. 


SIG Sauer factory parts that have been opened can not be returned due to liability reasons. NO exceptions.


If we shipped you an incorrect product that was not on your invoice we will ship the correct item with a return label for the incorrect item IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT INSTALL the incorrect part as we can not give a refund for products that have been installed regardless if it is the wrong product! Please send us a picture of the incorrect product you received so we do not make the same mistake again. Please email pictures to: Very sorry for the mix-up.


If the product you received is defective you need to contact the manufacturer directly. This process is the same for EVERY company we work with. This is their policy not ours. They are the experts on that particular product and their engineers are the best people to be able to trouble shoot the issue not Sig Guy, LLC. The manufacturers want to handle these cases directly as their might be a problem with the manufacturing process that they need to be aware of. It doesn't make sense for us to send a replacement part that is exactly the same as it will most likely have the same issue as the one you received. The manufacturer will also have questions only YOU can answer. This is why they need to communicate directly with you. Every company we work with has excellent customer service. If they didn't we wouldn't be working with and promoting their products. Please visit the manufacturers website for their contact information. If you have ANY issues with any manufacture regarding a warranty or defective product please contact us immediately so we can help out. 


NO RETURNS/REFUNDS 7 DAYS AFTER TRACKING SHOWS IT WAS DELIVERED! ZERO EXCEPTIONS. Please make sure your order is correct as soon as it's delivered. If anything is incorrect notify us IMMEDIATELY so we can correct the issue. If tracking shows your order was delivered over 7 days ago there is nothing we can do as the timeframe has expired.


Please allow time for orders to be processed and shipped before you call/email inquiring about order confirmation or tracking information. Both are generated automatically. If you didn't receive order confirmation or tracking information after 24 hours please check your spam/junk folders. Please do not contact us 1 hour after you placed your order asking for tracking information. 


If for some reason after speaking with us your return is approved please return the product (AND ONLY THE PRODUCT DISCUDSSED) to the following address. If additional products not discussed are returned you will need to pay for return shipping as we will not accept them for a refund. Please include the RMA# that was given to you. ALL RETURMS MUST INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER SO WE CAN TRACK THE PACKAGE. If you do not provide us with a tracking number there is no way we can verify it got returned if it gets lost while in USPS's possession. If we do not get a tracking number from you we can not issue a refund. 



PO Box 7069

Rocester, NH 03839

ALL RETURNS NEED A RMA NUMBER ASSIGNED BY US. NO EXCEPTIONS! A 20% restocking fee plus 3.1% credit card processing fee will be applied to all returns. If a product shows ANY signs of installation (please see pics below) it can not be refunded and YOU will need to pay shipping again if you want it returned to you. We are not in the market of selling parts that look used. It is your responsibility to make sure all items that you ordered are correct for your pistol BEFORE installing.

Canceled order fee: A 3.1% fee will be charged to canceled orders as we get charged this amount from the merchant company to process the refund. 

We do not do store credit or exchanges as out point of sale software doesn't give those options. If the return is in acceptable condition a refund will be applied to the card you used to make the purchase. You will need to reorder the correct product if you are still need it. You can either wait until we issue the refund to reorder or you can reorder immediately and it will ship ASAP. Once a refund is issued by us we will send verification to the email/sms we have on file for you. The rest is up to the bank. Please do not call us asking when you will receive the funds back into your account. That is entirely up to the banks. Thank you -SG 


Below are pictures of the returns we get that "have not been installed and are in PERFECT condition". This is the reason we do not accept returns and if for some reason we do the customer either needs to pay for return shipping or we throw these in the trash.


This is one of my favorites. Not only was it installed but the damaged areas were colored over with a black sharpie. 


Remember.... We were told that all of these were NEVER installed and in PERFECT condition. Thia is why we are reluctant to accept returns. Thank you for understainding.

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