RETURNS & RESTOCKING FEE. All returns must be authorized by Sig Guy, LLC with written return authorization. Any returns not authorized by Sig Guy, LLC will remain the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Any unauthorized returned merchandise to Sig Guy, LLC will be returned to the purchaser at the purchaser’s expense. All products that are not defective in design or manufacture, as determined by the Sig Guy, LLC acting reasonably, and are returned shall incur a restocking fee of 20% of the total invoice price for the returned products. The customer is to pay all shipping expenses and shipping expenses are non refundable. Customer is responsible for shipping insurance as Sig Guy, LLC is not responsible for loss or theft of returned products that are in the carrier's posession. If the product is defective and a replacement is needed you need to contact the manufacturer of said product as they handle all warranties and exchanges of defective products. If you received an incorrect product obvioulsy Sig Guy, LLC will correct the error by sending the correct product immeduately and will also incluse a return label for the incorrect product you received. If your return is authorized please ship returns to:

PO Box 7069
Gonic, NH 03839
(Shipping city might default to Rochester which is also correct)

SHIPPING INSURANCE.  Shipping insurance is STRONGLY encouraged. Sig Guy, LLC is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages. We do not own the shipping companies and are not responsible for packages after they are  received by the shipping company UNLESS shipping insurance is purchased. Insured shipments are 100% covered! Do NOT contact us if your package is missing or damaged UNLESS you purchased shipping insurance for your order. Shipping insurance is extremely inexpensive and worth every penny! As the recipient YOU can submit a claim through USPS for your lost, damaged or missing package. We do all that we can and HIGHLY EMCOURAGE purchasing shipping insurance for YOUR protection. Sig Guy, LLC can not afford to cover all lost, stolen or damaged items because of the shipping companies being careless nor should we be expected to. THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF SHIPPING INSURANCE.

DELAYED OR LATE SHIPMENTS.  As mentioned above we do not own the shipping companies. Like you all we are able to do is use the provided tracking number to track and determine a shipments location and status. Shipments that are late or delayed are NOT lost as they are still in the system. Please do NOT contact us to ask where your late shipment is or when it will be delivered. You will need to call your local facility and ask THEM as they are better suited to answer those types questions. 

To purchase shipping insurance click HERE
To file a claim through USPS click HERE