Pistol Stand - Patriot Series


Choose between either the magazine mount stand (MMS) or barrel mount stand (BMS). 


  • 365 Magazine mount stand includes 2 collars which allow the same stand to properly display the standard 365 or 365XL. The grip angle varies between the standard 365 and the 365XL module. The provided collars compensate for these angle differences. Install the proper collar depending on which module you are using, remove pistol magazine and slide pistol magwell onto stand.

  • 320 Magazine mount stand includes a collar as well. This allows 320s using the factory grip module to display properly. Simply remove the collar if your 320 uses the xGrip with or without the magwell.

  • Barrel Mount stand: The post in the barrel mounted stand contains a stainless steel rod inserted inside to prevent the post from flexing or bending over time. A spare post is included in each kit. Simply slide the pistol barrel down onto the post. Perfect for nightstands or safes because magazine remains installed!

  • Attention to detail is at the forefront of research and development here. This is why Sig Guy stands are sold to be pistol specific. Magwell angles vary between different pistol models. For example the 320 and 226 have different magwell angles. One stand will fit many different pistols but one stand will not fit all because of the different magwell angles and magwell widths. Sig Guy stands are designed so that the pistol slide is perfectly parallel to the stand. This ensures if you buy several stands and place them side by side displaying different pistols all the slides will be parallel to the stand as well as each other. They are also designed with the magwell mount as wide as possible. This eliminates sloppy side to side movement. Unlike competitors "universal" pistol stands which often offer a less than stellar fit, Sig Guy takes pride in knowing your pistol will display beautifully with no worry of that awkward slouching as seen being offered by others.


These are 3D printed pistol stands, not injection molded. These stands are made from polylactide (PLA). PLA is incredibly strong. PLA has a very low melting point which is why it is ideal for 3D printing. These stands are meant for display purposes only.  NOT for range use or when the pistol is HOT immediately after shooting.

Pistol Stand - Patriot Series