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CLEARANCE ITEMS: These are items that I'm selling at my cost. Nothing wrong with them. THEY ARE BRAND NEW IN FACTORY PACKAGING. These are typically items that I'm just trying to get rid of or will not be stocking anymore. Space here is limited so I can't hang on to everything forever.  Manufacturer warranty still applies.

RETURNED ITEMS: These are items that are also returned by the customer. These items are blemish free and product is complete. Typically original packaging is damaged or not included. Item itself is in perfect condition. Manufacturer warranty still applies.

USED ITEMS: Lightly used or installed and pistol was not actually fired. Typically these items were installed for either photos or by the customer only to find out they ordered the incorrect part. Packaging might be damaged or replaced. Item usually shows signs of installation or are lightly scratched/blemished. Blemish(s) shown in product pics. Manufacturer warranty still applies.

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