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My package is lost, damaged or stolen. Tracking indicates package was delivered but it's not there.

Very first step is to determine if the package is actually lost or damaged. All packages are tracked by USPS via GPS. USPS will be able to tell you within feet where your package is or was delivered to. It is very common for tracking to indicate packages were delivered only to have them actually delivered several days later.  We recommend contacting your local post office immediately for assistance as they will have questions only you can answer. Do not wait as the chances of recovering lost shipments decrease the longer you wait. If your local USPS representative verifies the package is lost a claim YOU will need to submit HERE. If the claim results verify the packages is lost or damaged and USPS verifies they are at fault please refer to the 2 options below. 

  1. You DIDN’T purchase additional shipping insurance through

    1. All packages shipped via USPS automatically include $100 shipping insurance paid by USPS. They will need to compensate you for loss up to $100 or the value of your order whichever is the smaller amount. The shipping charge on your order is paid to USPS to provide shipping. Sig Guy, LLC is not the shipper. USPS is the shipper and is responsible for all packages once they take possession of them. 


  1. You DID purchase shipping insurance through

    1. We will ship replacements for all lost items AFTER the claim process is completed and it is verified in writing by USPS that the package status is in fact lost or damaged. Please send us all relevant documents that verify USPS admits in writing they were found to be at fault and the package is lost or damaged. A replacement will be sent not a refund. The only time a refund will be given is if that particular item is out of stock. 

Package is delayed, moving through network, in transit to next facility or is stuck at a USPS location.

USPS is the only company that can help you with this issue as they are the shipper and are in possession of the package. We recommend contacting your local post office for assistance. Once provided with the tracking information they will be able to give you a delivery status update. The only company that can assist with this issue is USPS. 

My package is being returned to sender!

We ship all orders to the address supplied by the customer. If a package is being returned to sender its because there is insufficient or incorrect shipping address information that was provided by you. If the local post office can't find where you live then the address you supplied must be incorrect according to them. If the address is correct it is up to you to ensure your local post office knows how to get to your location. We recommend contacting your local post office immediately to see if a delivery attempt has actually been attempted. It's common that tracking status doesn't truly reflect the actual status of your delivery. If it's determined that they do still have your package arrangements will need to be made for redelivery or for you to go to your local post office facility and pick it up. If the package is returned to us and you still want it return shipping will have to be paid by you. If you determine that you no longer what the products a refund will be issued. A 4% fee will be deducted as that is what the merchant company charges us to process the refund. 

My package was shipped to the wrong address.

Once your order is placed you will receive an automated order confirmation email. Make sure the shipping information is correct. This information is provided to us by YOU. We have no idea if the address provided is correct, incorrect or incomplete as we do not know what your address is. You will also receive a shipping notification right after the shipping label is created. Again you will need to verify if the shipping address is correct. If the shipping address is incorrect you need to notify us IMMEDIATELY so that the shipping address can be manually changed. Once an order is shipped there is nothing we can do to prevent it from being delivered to the wrong address. You will need to contact your local post office for assistance.

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