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By checking the "Terms & conditions" box on the website checkout page each and every person agrees to the following terms and conditions. It is YOUR responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions BEFORE checking the box and completing the checkout process. If you have any questions regarding the following terms and conditions please contact us first. Thank you. 

Shipping insurance is HIGHLY recommended for all orders and is clearly stated is MANY different areas of this website to include right at the top of the cart checkout page. Packages that you insure are 100% covered from loss or damage. If additional shipping insurance is not purchased by you then USPS will cover up to $100 when orders are shipped using Ground Advantage or Priority Mail. Once USPS takes possession of your order THEY are responsible for it.  Sig Guy, LLC is not responsible for your order once USPS takes possession of it. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, if you didn't purchase shipping insurance, you therefore have DECLINED to add shipping insurance protection to your order and you fully accept the risks involved (loss or damage) regarding uninsured packages. 

If your package is delayed or shows delivered but you can not find it YOU will need to call your local post office immediately and give them the tracking number. DO NOT WAIT ADDITIONAL DAYS TO SEE  IF YOUR PACKAGE WILL SHOW UP. The longer you wait the less likely your package will be recovered. All packages shipped by Sig Guy, LLC are GPS tracked therefore the post office will be able to tell you exactly where your package is or got delivered to. Please do not call us asking where your package is as we are unable to help with package location/delivery information.

Sig Guy, LLC is not responsible for damaged parts due to incorrect installation practices. We suggest that you consult a qualified gunsmith to install any of the products on this website. Before opening or installing any products it is your responsibility to confirm they are the correct parts for YOUR firearm. Disassembly of firearm, installation or removal of parts or accessories, reassembly of firearms, and testing should be performed in accordance with the firearms manufacturer’s instructions by certified gunsmiths only! Always check for proper fit and function before firing. Be sure to fire at least 100 rounds of commercial ammunition to verify reliability before returning the firearm back to service.

Please make sure you added EVERYTHING your cart before proceeding. Due to the volume and the speed we package orders we will no longer be searching for and repackaging orders that additional items get added to. This means you will need to complete a SEPARATE order and pay for shipping again if you want to add to your order if you have already checked out. Please make sure you didn't forget anything before proceeding to checkout!

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