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Fdez Werx Comp'd P320 Full-Size Slide


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Slide Finish:  Black Nitride 

This is just the slide. Sights, ectractor components, striker components and back plate are not included! Those small parts can be found HERE this slide completion kit.


  • Our Intergrally Compensated P320 aftermarket slides are designed to be used with a P320 Full-Size (4.7") length barrel and Full-size recoil spring assembly.
  • These slides are X5 length, We recommend an X5 holster, or open ended Fullsize holster holster. 
  • Built around the Sig P320 Full-Size
  • Optic ready with choice of optic cut with cover and hardware. optic mounting does require shorter supplied screw on extractor side.
  • Dedicated rear dovetail, seprate from optic mount & cover
  • Featuring our patent pending recessed expansion chamber integral comp design.
  • Our Fdez Werx comp slides are tested and proven to reduce recoil and improve performance with all ammo types.
  • Precision made in house from solid stock to tighter than factory tolerences for improved accuracy and performace
  • Made from hardened 416 stainless steel
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty 


*These slides were designed to be used, and were tested with OEM and most aftermarket barrels. not all aftermarket barrels have been tested to fit and function properly, we cannot guarantee that all aftermarket barrels will fit.*


*This slide is designed to use a P320 Full-size 4.7" length flush and crown barrel, and Fdez 4.7" ported barrels. Not recommend for use with threaded barrels.


*Listing is for a striped aftermarket slide*


Fdez Werx Comp'd P320 Full-Size Slide

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