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Fdez Werx Comp'd P365 XXL 2.0 Slide, with Optic Mount & Cover - BLACK


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The 2.0 is our XXL slide redesigned to be the ultimate EDC option. These slides feature less cosmetic openings to reduce the possibility of dust and debris from entering into the firearm, while still allowing for the use of our ported barrels. They also have wider serrations that allow for your fingers to sink in and really grab hold of the slide. Overall the 2.0 slide has a unique new look and is sure to stand out for both its looks and its performance.  


Intergrally Compensated P365 XXL slides are designed to be used with a P365 XL length barrel (3.7") and a P365XL recoil spring assembly (NOT INCLUDED)


Slide come in a high quality QPQ Black Nitride finish. QPQ is a double black nitride finish with a polish between each black nitride quench. This provides a very high quality finish that is extremely durable and resistant to correosion.


The single port XXL and dual port XL slides offer a very similar performance as the large single port and expansion chamber maximizes performance of the smaller comp. 


These slides will fit XL holsters with open ends, although due to variations in holsters we recommend an adjustable retention holster.


  • Built around the Sig P365XL but will fit all P365 FCU's and grip modules
  • Featuring our patent pending recessed expansion chamber integral comp design.
  • Fdez Werx comp slides are tested and proven to reduce recoil and improve performance with all ammo types.
  • Optic ready with cover and hardware included (Optic mounting screws included are M3-0.5 X 10mm)
  • Dedicated rear dovetail, seprate from optic mount & cover
  • Precision made in house from solid stock to tighter than factory tolerences for improved accuracy and performace
  • Made from hardened 416 stainless steel
  • Patent Pending 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Slides are designed to use the latest extractor version (see pictures for details)


*These slides were designed to be used, and were tested with OEM, Fdez Werx and other aftermarket barrels to fit and function properly, but we cannot guarantee that all aftermarket barrels will fit.*

*This slide is designed to use a 3.7" standard length flush and crown barrels, we do not recommend the use of any threaded barrels or ported barrels other than the Fdez Werx XL Ported barrel.*

* +P ammo not recommended *

*Listing is for a striped aftermarket slide*


We recommend the use of Gun Butter oil or similar lubricant on the slide rails and chamber walls at install and during regualr cleaning to ensure proper performace. 


Made in the USA

Fdez Werx Comp'd P365 XXL 2.0 Slide, with Optic Mount & Cover - BLACK

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