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Icarus Precision A.C.E. 320 SOCOM "Full" Aluminum Grip Module


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Product Details:

The NEWEST product from Icarus Precision is the A.C.E. 320 SOCOM “Full" Grip Module. This is a purpose built module inspired by and designed to mimic the "trifecta" of the 2011 STI grip feel at the request of a specific client. We combined our Accuracy, Control, Enhanced “A.C.E.” ergonomics with the proven "gold standard" of grip geometry to create our own application specific take on the ideal performance focused grip module. As always, our team’s goal is to bring out the best in the Sig Sauer P32O platform, but this project's client was looking for specific "modifications" to create their version of the "ideal" duty worthy grip module. Notable design elements include the toned down exaggerated flared mag well design pulled from our PRO series modules still allowing for the speed reloads, but in an operator designed form. This grip is designed to be compatible with the full size slide. Thoughtful horizontal textured index points on the front strap and side panels increase draw speed and handling to ensure a consistent positive and precise grip. Tapered top handle to a slimmer channel making access to the weapon controls quick & effortless for various hand sizes. Higher, wider & curved beaver tail helps to acquire a fast, positive & controlled master grip. Oversized smooth and deep undercut trigger guard getting the operator closer to the bore axis. Entire picatinny rail is a standard 1913 for accessory flexibility.


A.C.E. 320 SOCOM "Full" Features:

  • Coating Type: Ano Black - Type 3 Hard
  • Safety Type: NON-SAFETY
  • Machined from billet 7075 aluminum
  • Grip Module upgrade for the Sig Sauer OEM standard polymer P20 grip module
  • Culmination of all the best features of our A.C.E. 320 series
  • Enhanced Ergonomics (weight 8.72 oz)
  • Flipped beaver tail for easy master grip acquisition
  • Proprietary wrap-around comfort/performance grip texture with strategic horizonal indexing points
  • Complimenting finger notches for both primary and support hands
  • Monolithic design featuring an asymmetrically flared mag well and integrated proprietary grip texture
  • Performance skeletonization
  • Slim upper portion of grip handle
  • Elevated finger notch allowing for a more positive grip
  • Designed for flush fit with the 4.7" barrel/slide Sig P320 platform• Machined from billet 7075 aluminum
  • Full length mill spec 1913 picatinny rail
  • Capacity Range: 17 +1 & 21 +1 rds *Also compatible with OEM mags for states with limited capacity regulations
  •  Competition Eligibility:
  • Module: ACE 320 Pro Carry, Pro Comp, SOCOM Carry, and Full
  • Division: USPSA Limited, USPSA limited 10, USPSA Multi/3 Gun Limited and Tac-Ops


***Does not include Mag-Release***


***Fitment note regarding holsters: Although Icarus Precision's grips are compatible with a variety of holsters, they are not compatible with all holsters designed for the OEM 365 grip module due to the mill spec 1913 picatinny rail feature – if you have questions, contact Icarus Precision directly for recommendations regarding compatible holsters***


Icarus Precision A.C.E. 320 SOCOM "Full" Aluminum Grip Module

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