22X D.A.R.K - Disassembly and Reassembly Kit


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I always get asked where I got the pick, punch or other tools I use in my videos. Here is another kit I put togehter with everything I use to quickly and easily disassemble and reasssembly Classic Series SIG Sauer pistols.


These punches not only easily push out the trigger, sear and other pivot pins but more importantly they act as slave pins when reassembling. The factory pins are small and often difficult to work with when reassembling. Especially if you have larger hands or don't have the dexterity you used to have.


Use the punches in this kit to easily align all the parts and pieces. When everything is in its proper location simply push the alignment punch out with the factory pin. Its that simple! Watch the video above to see this kit in action. 


Tools included are used for:

  • Trigger pivot pin removal/install
  • Safety lever removal/alignment/install
  • Ejector, sear, sear spring and safety lever pin alignment
  • Sear spring removal/install
  • Easily switch out parts without having to completely disassemble.


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Punches are 3D printed and are very durable. Not intended to be used with a hammer or any other tools. Hand tool only.



22X D.A.R.K - Disassembly and Reassembly Kit

SKU: 22X-DARK-133